The following is a new Code of Conduct for the club with regards to the WhatsApp groups.  This can also follow for all Social Media outlets.  Please note we will be enforcing these rules are followed:


A WhatsApp Groupchat is available for the purpose of discussing cycling related topics.  This includes Route discussions, Sportives and Club runs.  Please feel free to share any photos from club runs, sportives or club events on this Group chat also


The Group chat is open to all club members please do not use any foul language or swearing.



By using the Club WhatsApp group, you agree to the following –

  • You will not post any material that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, or otherwise objectionable.

  • You will not behave in an abusive manner, and will not harass, threaten, nor attack anyone. If you disagree with someone's posting or comment, please ask them to stop and/or report this to the club email.

  • You will, if asked by a Chat moderator, cease posting any content deemed to be unsuitable

Please remember that you are responsible for what you write, any unsuitable content which has the potential to cause offence will lead to a warning in the first instance and for repeat occurrences lead to your removal from the Group chat


If you find any material post in the Group chat to be offensive or objectionable, please escalate this to the club via the email address.


Many thanks

Club Secretaries 

(Michael and Monica)